An Evening at the Seaside.

On the beach

Is there anything quite as charming as a day spent at the seaside?

Well, yes, as it turns out there is: an evening at the seaside.

And forget about trendy Brighton or fancy St. Ives; for me the seaside means only one place and that is the faded glory of my hometown Llandudno.

Llandudno is a Victorian gem that sits half forgotten on the North Wales coast, it seems that the only people that really remember it are the elderly couples that come to stay in the hotels that line the sea front and who spend their early summer evenings walking along the promenade. This is, of course, the best time to visit; when the Pier is empty and its loud, brash rides are closed for the night. It is cheaper because there are no ice-cream or souvenir stalls shouting out to you. It is calmer because all the foolish afternoon souls have gone, not realising they are missing out on the perfect time to stroll.

Once the shutters are down.

It’s just you, the seagulls and a few fishermen. Oh, the old couples too, but to my mind there are few things more reassuring than couples in their 70’s and 80’s walking in hand in hand

The now not-so-Grand Hotel

 When it’s quiet you can see and appreciate details you may never notice on a busy day by the beach. I have lived in Llandudno all my life and have only recently found this stairway, left from the ruins of an old dance hall that was burnt down when I was 5 years old. Here it is in its hayday:

The Llandudno Pier Pavillion Theatre

And now, this is the staircase in the right-hand corner of the photo above:

A stairway to the sky.

The view from Happy Valley and yes, that is its real name.

And the best thing about an evening visit to the seaside has to be that you don’t have to wait too long for sunset.

Sunset on the Great Orme.

And here are a few songs that are perfect for a stroll along an empty promenade.


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  1. The seaside. Yes! Lovely photographs.

    There is, oddly, a Happy Valley in Oregon a few miles from where I live. It is one of those misleading places that are the exact opposite of their namesake. In fact, Boring Oregon (honestly, it’s a place) is much more interesting than the Happy Valley.


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