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From Ripping Yarns Bookshop, Highgate

I’ve spent the past week working on a new blog that has been going quite well so far, it’s called One Book on the Shelf. You see I have decided to attempt to visit every bookshop in London and write about it. I’ve had a lot of fun so far, and thought that those of you who follow my adventures on here may find it interesting.

I’ll continue to use this blog when I write about anything not related to bookshops.

Speak soon,



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Other People’s Words.

Other people's words.

‘If one has not the imagination to create characters, to knit plots, it does no good to jot down fragments of life and conversation, for alone they are disjointed and meaningless’

Sylvia Plath | The Journals of Sylvia Plath 1950-1962

For a long time when reading a book, I would just underline quotes I enjoyed and savour them for a few moments before moving on. Once at university I realised this was a real shame, I had taken to writing out the quotes I needed for essays and seminars from books I had taken out of the library, so why not the words of the writers I loved? And, since I never need an excuse to buy a new notebook, I decided to begin my book of other people’s words. Continue reading

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A Bookshop to Float Your Boat.

Word on the Water.

There is nothing I would rather do on a sunny day than go for a walk along the Regent’s Canal. It is one of the few places in London where it is socially acceptable to amble (just keep an ear out for the bells of passing bikes); couple that with the calming effect of the still water; the glacial pace of the passing narrow boats; the wave of nostalgia from a childhood spent watching Rosie and Jim and the promise of a roast dinner at the Crown and Goose in Camden and I believe you have the perfect Sunday. With the opening of the Word on the Water Book Barge, a walk along the Regent’s Canal has just become even better. Continue reading


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