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A Bookshop to Float Your Boat.

Word on the Water.

There is nothing I would rather do on a sunny day than go for a walk along the Regent’s Canal. It is one of the few places in London where it is socially acceptable to amble (just keep an ear out for the bells of passing bikes); couple that with the calming effect of the still water; the glacial pace of the passing narrow boats; the wave of nostalgia from a childhood spent watching Rosie and Jim and the promise of a roast dinner at the Crown and Goose in Camden and I believe you have the perfect Sunday. With the opening of the Word on the Water Book Barge, a walk along the Regent’s Canal has just become even better. Continue reading



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Tea in a Church.

Drinking tea.

At around 6 o’clock on a weekday evening, London goes crazy. I have only lived here for a month or so but I realised quite quickly that it’s best to avoid 6pm. The streets are not safe, they are filled with a stampede of people who will walk right through you to make sure they get home in time for their dinner. It’s even worse underground, that is, if you can even make it underground. The entrances to tube stations grind to a halt as men in suits clog the ticket barriers and the streets outside.

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